Stay Positive: "Overcome homosexuality."


Many of you were confused by my statement in the earlier post. What do I mean by “overcome homosexuality”?

In the Bible, Paul says “Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolators, nor adulterers, nor HOMOSEXUALS,…

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    reblogging because this is what I believe in.
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    I like people like you. No. I do not think like you, not really and yes I support every gay thing I can. But what I like...
  7. clothesofconsent said: Also, the original word used in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 that was later translated to homosexual was “arsenokoites,” which actually means male prostitute.
  8. rhinestonez said: in the eyes of the lord. But that’s my own opinion.
  9. interiorsporn said: Remember that homosexuality is present in nature so it’s something natural and in my opinion religion is guilty for homossexual prejudice. Gays exist since men exist, in ancient Greece (before Christ) sexual desire was not defined by gender.
  10. keziaaxo said: I believe that once you come to know Christ, you will overcome anything. However, our society is full of sins. Therefore, it is harder for us to overcome it. I know that as long as we keep fighting it, we will overcome any sins with the help of God.
  11. kidakins said: People are being so immature about this post. IT’S AN OPINION, GUYS. THEY’RE ALL OVER THE INTERNET. GET THE FUCK OVER IT.
  12. shouldertappingghosts said: Do you think that slavery is acceptable? Because that’s in the bible too, I don’t mean to be disrespectful but I think that you should have your own opinion, instead throwing around words like ‘sin that should be overcome’ because the bible said
  13. abstract-pleasures said: Love is love. Gender doesn’t matter. Why would homosexual couples WANT to “overcome” their sexuality if they’re HAPPY. We are all human and should NOT be defined by our sexual orientation. Nor should anyone be judged or be told to “overcome” it.
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    Aaaaand he misses the point completely. Christians amuse me.
  15. lonewolfphenix said: The word homosexual didn’t come into existence until the 1800s or so…
  16. joannay said: I have serious respect for you. haters gonna hate. :)
  17. viviaannc said: I’m an active Catholic and as for you saying “overcoming homosexuality…like any other sin” is ridiculous. God made us all knowing we were either going to be straight, bi, gay, lesbian, and trans. never did He tell His people to overcome that “sin’
  18. delectatus said: Seriously. Who the fuck cares. God made these people homosexual? You can’t over come homosexuality. You can’t be gay, then 2 weeks later not be. Everybodys going to hell anyways, we all sin no matter what we do. In order to get into “heaven” you have to be perfect. You can’t…
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  22. razeyourmind said: awesome to know some still care for the salvation of these people in our community \m/ you rock!
  23. cunctative said: Actually it depends on the Bible you are using. Many versions either leave out homosexuals or replace it with effeminate, although some include both. Which changes the connotation of those words. Which version are you using to get that verse from?
  24. penumbras said: Someone who is not gay can never advise someone to overcome being gay. You will never know our life experience.
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    I seriously can’t. I honestly hate this jackass
  27. fatalangel said: loving someone is never a sin.
  28. hegavemewings said: I agree. It’s like people have made homosexuality into THE biggest sin. No. It is no worse than any other sin. We all struggle with something whether it be lying, lust, stealing, etc. That is our own personal burden to bear. We will ultimately answer for our actions and ours…
  29. visualfrustration said: Except the word homosexuals was not written in the bible in the beginning, it was later adapted. Go look up the origins of that word. It isn’t as old as the bible, it was INTERPRETED and added later.